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Asure ID Server

Asure ID Server

Asure ID Server:

The ideal digital identity and photo card management solutions that captures the power of the Internet to create a central card issuance service that easily supports remote offices and multiple customers.

Why Use Asure ID Server:

  • Streamlines & Secures Central Card Issuance

    Asure ID Server's innovative technology saves valuable time by ensuring that all card records that are securely transmitted from users (Asure ID Connect, Asure ID Express and Asure ID Enterprise) arrive in a "ready to print" format.

  • Decreased Costs & Tighter Controls For Large Organizations

    Asure ID Server eliminates the need for dedicated network connections and card printers in remote locations while at the same time allowing for a secure, easily managed and tightly controlled card issuance service.

  • Increased Service & Revenue Potential For Card Service Bureaus

    Asure ID Server is great for Card Service Bureaus in two ways. First, clients using Asure ID Connect, Asure ID Express or Asure ID Enterprise can be offered vital back up card printing services when they have increased card production requirements or their local printers are unavailable. Additionally, when clients are unable to justify the costs of an internal photo card production system, Service Bureaus can become the primary source for card issuance.

    For automatic ID photography from within Asure ID Server software you can use Canon or Olympus camera controlled by inPhoto ID software. Apart from full camera control and automatic image capture inPhoto ID also provides automatic face recognition on live image, face crop and image enhancement before transferring to Asure ID Server.

    inPhoto ID with Asure ID Server step by step operation:

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