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Press Release 14 Jan 2010

inPhoto ID and inPhoto Capture:
why are they discontinued?


Canon Powershot cameras: is it possible to control them from PC now?

Canon Powershot camera controlled from PC with inPhoto ID or inPhoto Capture driver was a perfect solution for various applications. The price / quality ratio was excellent.

However in 2009 Canon company discontinued its SDK for Canon Powershot cameras. inPhoto ID or inPhoto Capture applications were developped on the basis of Canon SDK. They are discontinued because we are not able to add support of new Canon Powershot cameras using Canon SDK which is discontinued. This is a policy of a Big Company and there is nothing to do here. Canon SX110 IS and Canon G10 are last Powershot cameras supported with inPhoto ID or inPhoto Capture. All new Canon Powershot cameras are not supported and cannot be supported with inPhoto ID or inPhoto Capture.

This is a reason why inPhoto ID and inPhoto Capture were discontinued in August 2010. They are still sold AS IS for the discontinued Canon Powershot cameras.

All other internationally known digital camera manufacturers do not provide SDK, and it means that other brand cameras can not be supported from PC.

For ID photo purposes the following options are available now:

inPhoto Capture SLR or inPhoto ID SLR software for Canon SLR cameras. Please read 11 PROS to use Canon SLR camera for ID photography.

inPhoto ID Webcam for full control of web camera (e.g. Logitech camera) with the additional functionality of automatic face find, crop, and enhancement.

New! inPhoto ID PS and inPhoto Capture PS software developed using our own know-how. inPhoto ID PS is designed ID photo with current Canon Powershot cameras. inPhoto Capture PS is designed for full control of current Canon Powershot cameras.

Teh following cameras are supported for now: Canon Powershot cameras.
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