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inPhoto Capture SLR (Canon EOS camera control):
How to start


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inPhoto Capture SLR software (Canon SLR camera control) is very easy to install and run.

To install inPhoto Capture SLR run inphotocaptureslr.exe and follow the instructions you will get. Activate your license using on-line or off-line activation (software activation)and enjoy working with inPhoto Capture SLR.

Canon SLR camera installation:

Insert batteries to your Canon camera or connect it to power using standard power supple cable.
Install your Canon camera on the tripod photo stand.
Remove a cap from the camera lens.
Connect your Canon SLR camera to PC with the USB cable. Turn the camera on.

Camera preparation:

In order to be able to use inPhoto Capture SLR software to control your Canon SLR camera from computer connect your camera to PC with USB cable, switch the camera on, and run inPhoto Capture SLR software. The live image shall be displayed in the software window.

Not all Canon SLR cameras provide an ability to have live image preview in the software window.
Canon SLR cameras having live image preview ability shall be set in “Auto” (P), “Exposition priority” (Tv), “Aperture priorirty” (Av), or “Manual” (M) mode. The live image preview will not be displayed in the software window if Canon SLR camera is set in “Full Auto” mode or any of the special modes.

Final check:

After you perform all above steps please check the following:
Your Canon SLR camera is installed on the tripod stand.
inPhoto Capture SLR software is installed on PC.
Canon SLR camera is turned on, connected with the USB cable to your PC, and set in “Auto” (P), “Exposition priority” (Tv), “Aperture priorirty” (Av), or “Manual” (M) mode.

inPhoto Capture SLR start up:

Now you can run inPhoto Capture SLR software as TWAIN source from all TWAIN compatible applications.
If you work with Canon SLR camera from any TWAIN compartible ID card software (Incardex, CardFive, Asure ID, ID Works, EPISuite, ID Flow, etc.) select image acquisition source (inPhoto Capture SLR) and capture photos directly to ID card software via inPhoto Capture SLR TWAIN driver.
If you work in Adobe Photoshop go to File / Import / inPhoto Capture SLR.
If you work in Jasc Paint Shop Pro go to File / Import / TWAIN / Select Source, and select inPhoto Capture SLR. After the source is selected use Acquire command (File / Import / TWAIN / Acquire).
If you work in other graphic applications supporting TWAIN please refer to the corresponding documentation supplied with your graphic software.

You can also run inPhoto Capture SLR as stand alone software (Start – All programs – inPhoto Capture SLR).

After inPhoto Capture SLR is started up you will get the live image in the image preview window.

Attention! The live image can be not sharp, dark, with not natural colors, etc. In order to get proper image in the preview window and start capturing photos please read Camera settings control.


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