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inPhoto Capture FAQs: Start up questions

Is it required to activate the computer control on the Olympus camera to use inPhoto Capture software, or does it work with normal camera settings?
A. The current version of inPhoto Capture does not support Olympus cameras. It supports Canon cameras only. However version 1.9 of the software (discontinued) does support some Olympus cameras. It is necessary to set your Olympus camera to the computer control mode to use inPhoto ID camera driver.

I have downloaded the driver on my computer which is a PIII running Windows XP and connected a Canon A85 via a USB cable. However, when I have initiated the program it gives me the message that it "cannot connect Canon digital camera". Is there something I have to alter on the camera or on the computer first?
A. Your Canon camera shall be turned on and set to Play back mode. If your camera is not in Play back mode "Cannot connect Canon Powershot camera" message will be displayed when you run inPhoto Capture software.

When initiating the program, I cause an error. I use Windows 2003 server.
A. The inPhoto Capture software is tested under Windows ME, 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. It does not run under Windows 2003 server.

Please advise steps required to set my E-100RS to PC Mode so I can test your inPhoto software.
A. For your E100RS please check the following:
- Check that your camera is in PC Mode. To do this connect your camera to PC and try to open the camera disk which will appear in the system. If you are able to open the camera disk, it means that your camera is NOT in the PC mode. If on the contrary you get message that there is no access to the disk, it means that your camera IS in PC mode.
- If your camera IS in PC mode, and you still cannot control it with the inPhoto software it may be caused by the old firmware version of your camera.

When I buy and install your software I don't need to buy a license from Canon on top? That software is sufficient to control the cameras from the list?
A. You will not need to buy anything from Canon. The inPhoto Capture software is absolutely sufficient to control the listed Canon cameras.
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