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inPhoto Oly as TWAIN driver for EPI Suite software


The inPhoto Oly (Olympus camera control software, discontinued from June, 2006) and inPhoto Capture (Canon and Olympus camera control software) can work as TWAIN drivers and are compatible with all major ID card software packages, e.g. CardFive, EPISuite, ID Works, Asure ID.

The inPhoto camera control driver supports all TWAIN compatible ID card management software products and can be employed to shoot images with the Olympus or Canon digital cameras from within the ID card software.

Example of inPhoto TWAIN driver work with EPISuite software (ImageWare Systems,
ID photo in EPISuite software
1. Create a New Record (Add New Person command) in the GuardCard, fill in the text fields and double click on the Photograph field (or press Capture button on the Toolbar, or go to Image / Capture / Photograph).
D photo in EPISuite software
2. The inPhoto TWAIN driver window appears. The inPhoto software provides an ability to preview the image before capture, adjust Olympus camera settings if necessary. You can perform a number of quick preview shots. When the camera settings are adjusted properly they can be saved to the User Profile to be used for the future shots. The photos you shoot will be displayed in the camera memory card window. Select the best image in the camera memory card window and press Transfer.
D photo in EPISuite software
3.The image captured will be opened in the Image Enhancement window. Crop the face area and enhance image quality (brigtness, contrast, color balance) if necessary. Click OK.
D photo in EPISuite software
4. The image will be inserted into the active record. Save the Person data. Save the ID Card for the person. The ID card is displayed in the bottom right of the program window. It is now ready for printing out.
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