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inPhoto ID application:
Using inPhoto ID together with School Image Software

inPhoto ID software can be used for automatic ID photograthy together with School Image Software (SIS) developped by PhotoLynx Inc. (USA) and successfully used in in thousands of schools across the U.S. and Canada.


School Image Software
PhotoLynx School Image Software is a user-friendly "Image CD" system provided to school administrators by Labs and Studios for tracking important student information and producing a variety of digital services.

Typically photographers have been providing webcams as the TWAIN source for the software. However, some of the schools are complaining about the quality of a webcam. So PhotoLynx recommends using inPhoto ID software along with a Canon camera for a higher quality image in School Image Software.

School Image Software

Here is a quick run through of the entire workflow:

Photographer captures Images of the school children and  matches the images to data.
Photographer creates a CD for their school.
The CD has the data and images they have taken on picture day formatted for School Picture Software.
The school installs the CD on their computer If they have a new student enroll, they can choose 'add', enter in the student's data, and can add a picture using a TWAIN device.

In order to capture and crop images using Canon camera controlled with inPhoto ID software it is first necessary to select TWAIN source in School Image Software.

From the main screen, click on Images.
From the Update Photo Screen, Click on Digital Camera.
From The Digital Camera Capture screen, Click on Select Source.
From the Select Source Screen select the inPhoto ID Twain and then choose Select.
From the Digital Camera Capture Screen choose Acquire.

School Image Software

inPhotoID should connect to the camera and present you with their image acquire interface with an image ready for capture.

In order to add images to School Image Software choose add from the main menu. Images can be captured with inPhoto ID as follows:

Install the camera software, outside of SIS, and test for functionality.
Click on the Images button on the main screen.
Click on Digital Camera.
Click on Acquire.
Click and drag the crop box to crop the image.
Name the new image file (SIS defaults to the student’s ID).
Click on Apply and Close.

More details on School Image Software can be received from Mr. Michael Stevens, PhotoLynx Inc.,


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