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ID card photography: more details


The ID card usually contains the photograph of the card holder. It means that ID card management system shall include some image capture device (the high end web camera, digital video camera, or digital still camera).

Taking photo's for ID cards is not a trivial task at times. The most common solution today is to use high end web cameras that offer the good compromise in image quality and speed of capture and image transfer.

But the high end web cameras or digital video cameras do not normally have a flash or lighting system. It means you will get varied results depending on lighting conditions which may change throughout the day.

High quality images can also be captured using most digital still cameras but they lack the important TWAIN support that allows an operator to quickly capture and transfer the image to the ID card management software.

To overcome this problem we have developed the following ID photo software products:
inPhoto ID PS (Canon Powershot camera control) and
inPhoto ID SLR (Canon SLR camera control).
They provide an ability to control Canon Powershot cameras (inPhoto ID PS) and Canon SLR cameras (inPhoto ID SLR). Using inPhoto ID PS or inPhoto ID SLR you will be able to control camera settings and capture images automatically. inPhoto ID PS and inPhoto ID SLR have a special face recognition option integrated with the TWAIN driver. The face is automatically recognized on the live image, then the facial area is cropped, resized and enhanced if necessary and automatically transferred to the TWAIN compatible ID card software. This technology simplifies the complete process, saves significant time for operators, and ensures all photos are uniform in size of image and have very little variation of photo quality between different operators.


inPhoto ID PS is the cost effective solution that dramatically increases the efficiency of the complete photo ID system ensuring high repeatable quality of the photographs.


Throughout the World the security enhancement issue has become more and more important recently. One method of enhancing security is through the use of facial recognition and facial area capture to a database. inPhoto ID PS and inPhoto ID SLR can provide this ability as well. It will recognize the face, crop facial area, take photo, and transfer it to the TWAIN compatible database.


Resultant images are stored as required in the cropped state for use in printing the photo ID or other applications that you may require (even future facial recognition applications).


Refer to description of inPhoto ID PS software (Canon Powershot camera control) for details on its functionality.

Refer to description of inPhoto ID SLR for details on its functionality.

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