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Student ID photos


Student ID photos


Student ID Photos
inPhoto Capture PS software provides full control of Canon Powershot cameras, automatic face find, crop, resizing, enhancement, photo capture, save, and transfer.

Here is a story we received from Thomas Boggan, Photographer at Midwestern University, USA.

"I wanted to let you know that we had a very good day of shooting student ID photos yesterday. We shot about 250 ID photos using 5 stations. Three stations were using Canon SX40 cameras set to Aperture Priority, and two stations used Canon SX150 cameras set to Auto. We had no problems with cameras or software.

I attached a photo of three of our ID stations set up in a gymnasium. Each camera used its pop-up flash to trigger the larger flash to light the students. However, we had to position the stations far apart so that one station would not trigger the flash on the other station. In the future we would like to use an adapter in the hotshoe of the Canon SX40 to trigger the external flash so that we can position the stations closer to each other. But other than that the setups worked very well..

Thank you for your had work and help. Our next round of ID photos will be in late August. Let me know if there are any breakthroughs that will enable us to use the hotshoe or shoot in full manual with the Canon SX40."


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