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Distinctive features

inPhoto ID software (TWAIN driver):
Distinctive features


Distinctive features of ID photography software
Distinctive features
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13 distinctive features of inPhoto ID camera control software:
Intuitive, straightforward, and very user friendly interface. The inPhoto ID camera control software is very easy to learn and use. Start with Live image preview and Camera settings control. The human face with be detected automatically on live image, cropped and enhanced if required. The next step - image transfer to TWAIN compatible ID card management software.
TWAIN interface. With inPhoto ID software the supported Canon cameras are directly controlled from all TWAIN compatible applications including ID card management software, and the images are captured directly to these applications;
Supports Canon cameras;
Live image preview (320x240 preview image size);
Automatic face detection on live image;
Automatic or manual face crop on the captured image. Very user friendly and convenient tools for croppped image sizing;
Image enhancement if necessary and automatic image transfer to TWAIN compatible ID card management software;
Ability to save Canon camera settings to the User Profiles for fast, consistent and repeatable image acquisition;
Very fast software loading and operation. All abilities of your Canon camera are used by maximum when you control it with the inPhoto ID software;
Availability of full functional trial version for download from the Internet site;
Reliable, professional, and very fast technical support via Internet site;
Affordable, reliable, extensively tested and very stable product improved and upgraded continuously;
Our readiness to hear all your suggestions on what it is required to add to the inPhoto ID software to make it even better and more satisfying your needs.

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