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Camera settings control


inPhoto Capture SLR (Canon EOS camera control):
Camera settings control


Canon SLR camera control software
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The inPhoto Capture SLR software (Canon reflex camera control) is designed for full control of Canon reflex (SLR) digital camera from your personal computer. It can work either as TWAIN driver or as the stand alone software.

The full control of your Canon SLR digital photo camera settings is performed from your computer.

Press Camera settings button in the right part of the software window to control camera settings and capture images with the highest quality.

Canon SLR camera control software
To zoom the image in or out use camera zoom. It is not possible to control Canon SLR camera zoom with the software.

The Settings tab contains the following fields:

Shooting Mode. The shooting mode options are defined by the camera model. Usually you can select between:
- Automatic (P) when the shutter and aperture are set automatically by the camera,
- Sutter priority when you have an ability to set the shutter speed manually, and the aperture value will be calculated automatically,
- Aperture priority when you have an ability to set the aperture manually, and the shutter speed will be calculated automatically,
- and Manual (M) mode when you have an ability to set both shutter speed and aperture manually.
Drive Mode. In this fiels it is possible to select the shooting type: single shoot, several shoots, shooting by timer.
Image Quality. Select the image format and compression from the drop down list. The speed of image transfer to the TWAIN compatible software will depend on the selected image format and compression.
Lense Focus. Auto or Manual depending on the camera lense position (A for Automatic or M for Manual). In order to control camera focus from within inPhoto Capture SLR software set camera lense switch to A.
Autofocus. Set to On for full automatic camera focusing. Set to Off to be able to control camera focus manually using the control buttons in the Manual focus section.
AF Mode.
Aperture Value. In this field it is possible to set the aperture value if you work in Manual or Aperture priority shooting mode.
Shutter Speed. In this field it is possible to set the shutter value if you work in Manual or Shutter priority shooting mode.
Manual focus. The manual focus buttons are active if the Autofocus option is Off. In this case the camera can be focused manually using the corresponding controls.
Metering Mode. This is the exposition metering mode. The values in the list depend on the camera model.
ISO Sensitivity. It is recommended to increase the ISO value if you capture with the high shutter speed or if you want to minimize the risk of image blurring when the camera is shaked.


Canon SLR camera control software
White Balance. Ability to select the best white balance setting from a list of available options (depending on the Canon camera used). The image colors will be reproduced better if the white balance is selected in accordance with the lighting conditions.

Up: the white balance is set for tungsten lighting.
Below: the white balance is set for daylight.
Color temperature. The color temperature settings can be controlled with a slider if Color Temperature option is selected in the White Balance list.

Canon SLR camera control software
White Balance Shift. Use the white balance shift for white balance slight compensation.

Exposition Compensation.
Play with the exposure compensation values (varying from -2 to +2) when you capture the dark objects on the bright background to get the maximum image quality.

Up: the exposure compensation is set to +1.00.
Below: the exposure compensation is set to -1.00.
Flash Compensation.
Focus Zoom. Use the white balance shift for white balance slight compensation.


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