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Biodiversity of Seaweeds

inPhoto Oly application:
Biodiversity of Pacific Islands Seaweeds using Digital Imagery


This story is the courtesy of Messrs. Antoine de Ramon N'Yeurt, Ph.D., and Claude E. Payri, Institute for Research and Development, (IRD-Noumea), New Caledonia. They won a free copy of inPhoto Oly camera control software (discontinued from June, 2006. inPhoto Oly software is replaced by inPhoto Capture designed for full computer control of Canon digital cameras). Please refer to giveaway action for more details.


Figure 1. Imaging system based on
Olympus BH-2 microscope
For several years now we have been investigating and documenting the marine algal floras of islands in the South Pacific, from New Caledonia to Eastern Polynesia, from the upper littoral down to as deep as 120 m.

Documenting this most diverse and colourful flora involves both textual and visual information, and in the past we used to rely on traditional film technology, developing and processing images in the laboratory, a time consuming and expensive practice. Where photographs of very minute species are involved, we use a camera mounted on a light microscope such as an Olympus BH-2.
Recently we have acquired an Olympus C4040-Z digital camera, and it has radically changed our imagery techniques, since we now can easily take as many shots as we require and immediately control the result, thereby increasing our scientific productivity many-folds and saving time as well as money.


With inPhoto Oly software coupled with our Olympus C4040-Z camera, we are now able to control every aspect of microphotography directly from a personal computer, with a live preview and the ability to take sample shots before actually transferring them to the flash memory card.
Figure 2. Fertile stichidium of Dasya anastomosans, a red alga from Tahiti.
Figure 3. Female carposporophyte of Predaea weldii,
a marine alga from New Caledonia.
Figure 4. Beautiful alga from Loyaute Islands, Near New Caledonia (Euptilota articulata). Taken with C5050-Z.
Figure 5. Beautiful alga from Loyaute Islands, Near New Caledonia (Euptilota articulata). Taken with C5050-Z.

When we acquire images of microalgae from a compound microscope it is very important to be able to adjust focus correctly to shoot a sharp image useful for scientific publications, and with inPhoto Oly software we now have this ability, which saves us much time and effort. We look forward to sharing the beauty and secrets of tropical marine algae with these new technological tools now at our disposal.

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